Field Hockey Drill: Quick Double Shooting to Improve Speed and Accuracy

Are you looking for an intense and quick top of the circle drill? This example might help you then.
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If you are looking to improve the accuracy and speed of your player’s shooting skills, this exercise will help your team. As you can watch in the video, an attacker will start by dribbling the ball fast towards the circle while attempting to shoot at goal as soon as he crosses the line.

After taking the shot, the coach will release a second ball forcing that attacker to go after it in order to take the shot. The coaching points to focus on are on how the technical details of the hitting skills are executed. This is a drill that will make players have a lot of shooting repetitions, therefore there are several chances to make improvements on the players.

If you need some technical details on how to improve the hit, you will find them in this detailed tutorial that explains every step of this complex skill.

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