4 Drills Training Indoor Session: Outplaying overload in attack (DRILL 2)

By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the owner of A Hockey World. Contact: pablo@ahockeyworld.net


Players: 5-8 / Keepers: 1 / Pitch: 1/2 / Cones: 12 / Balls: 20+


 Exercise 2: 2 vs.1 + keeper scoring exercise

To improve scoring with limited space​

* exclude parts ofte field with the use of cones (see drawing)
* two attackers, one defender and a goalkeeper inside the circle
* 3 passers with enough balls: left, right and in the middle

* player A or B asks a ball from player C; now A and B try to score a goal against the defender and goalkeeper
* after the ball is out of play, A or B will ask a second ball from player D; they try to score again
* finally, they ask a ball from player E, etc.
* variation: two rounds, so 6 balls will be played

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* the attackers can chose, from which player they want to receive the ball: C, D or E
* if A and B are both receiving a ball, so two balls in play, the game ends; so A and B have to communicate who will receive a new ball


Ball possession
* be patient, unless there is a time limit
* always put pressure on the goal
* when you have a free choice of passer, use the passer on the side where there is no defender



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