4 Drills Training Indoor Session: Outplaying overload in attack (DRILL 4)

By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the owner of A Hockey World. Contact: pablo@ahockeyworld.net


Players: 9-15 / Keepers: 2 / Pitch: 1 / Cones: 0 / Balls: 10+


 Exercise 4: 3 vs. 2


​To practise 3 vs. 2 (+goalkeeper)

  • make 3 teams of 3 or 4 players
  • two goalkeepers in the goal if present

*the white team (A,B en C) plays a 3 vs. 2 against the brown team (D en E)
* after a goal or when the ball is intercepted or out of bounce, the brown team plays a 3 vs. 2 against the other white team
* only two players of the white team defend; etc
* this game goes up and down; every time a 3 vs. 2 is played

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* use the space by positioning wide and deep; prevent a 1 vs. 1
* play the ball round on a high tempo

* defend compact; give each other back up
* defend close to the circle so that the goalkeeper can support



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