Slots Online: Is it the Most Popular Casino Game Type?

Online slots seem to have taken on a life of their own, they have even arguably surpassed the popularity of real life slot games – click to visit Due to this, some players have come to believe that they are the most popular casino game type 

Online Slots 

Online slots are an incredibly popular casino game type. Arguably, online slot games have even managed to surpass their real life equivalent in popularity! The main reasons for the popularity of online slot games is due to their accessibility, all players need is a functioning internet connection and they will be able to enjoy an online slot game in one form or another. Also, thanks to online casinos there is a huge amount of choice available. As they are not limited by building size, there are hundreds of online slot games for players to choose from. Things such as progressive jackpots give players the perfect chance to win a real amount of cash as well! 


Blackjack has remained a popular game amongst players for a variety of reasons. This game has effortlessly made the switch to online and become a favourite with players as a result. 

  1. Low house edge compared to other games means that players have a great chance of winning.
  2. Huge variety of game options, there are games such as double attack Blackjack and triple 7’s Blackjack. These game options help to keep Blackjack from getting too boring. 


Despite being one of the oldest casino games, roulette still manages to remain one of the most popular. It’s simple gameplay provides an exciting mix of exhilaration and action for players. 

  •     A key factor in roulette’s enduring popularity is that it is a game of pure chance. There is no skill involved. This means that any player can win at any time, adding a new level of excitement to the game.
  •     Choice of roulette games for players include European, French and American. There are also several variations which deviate from the main game slightly, these include immersive roulette and marvel roulette.

Video Poker 

Video poker may seem similar to the traditional poker that can be found at a real life casino but it actually has a few key differences. The rules are slightly different in video poker. One benefit that players have found whilst using video poker is the sheer amount of variations available to choose from. There are things such as deuces wilds, joker poker, aces and faces and even bonus poker! As technology has improved, video poker has become more popular. Online casinos aim to make the game more immersive than before, with amazing graphics and live deals! Players can even take on a live dealer at a real life casino thanks to an increase in the amount of live dealer games. 

Final Thoughts

Online slots should certainly be in consideration for most popular casino game type but the truth is that there are several other games such as Blackjack and roulette who could just as easily claim that title.

By Pablo Mendoza

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