Casino Edge in Slots Explained

The concept of casino edge has been around ever since the Venetians decided to establish the world’s first genuinely commercialised and state regulated casino in the 17th century. Indeed, without casino edge there really is absolutely no way that the casino industry would have ben able to survive. 

Whilst casino edge in games like roulette or blackjack is quite easy to understand, things can get a lot more difficult when it comes to casino edge in slots – visit Keep reading for an article on casino edge in slots explained.

What is casino edge and why does it exist? 

Okay, before we get specifically into the concept of casino edge in slots it is important to take a little time to explore the concept of casino edge in general. Casino edge is also commonly referred to as house edge, and it is a way to describe the fact that all casino games in the world have odds that sway ever so slightly in the casino’s favour. 

Now, it is very easy to take this as an example of how greedy casinos can be, but in actuality casino edge is crucial for the survival of casinos. If there was no casino edge, for example, there would be nothing stopping casinos losing more than they win, something that would in turn spell financial ruin. 

How do you work out the casino edge in slots? 

The casino edge of virtually all casino table games is set in stone, however due to the sheer number of different slot games around in the present day this isn’t actually possible with slots. Luckily for us, however, there is one essential term for slot gamblers to remember when it comes to working out the casino edge in slots: Return To Player. 

Often abbreviated to RTP, this is a percentage value that indicates the amount of money that a gambler can expect to win back from his stake over a gambling session. As an example, a slot gambler can expect to win £96 back from £100 overall wagering on a 96% RTP slot game, which means that the casino edge is 4%. 

A few ways to beat the casino edge in slots 

As we said before, it is largely pointless getting too hung up on casino edge on any game, simply because it has to be there. However, with that being said, there are quite a few ways where gamblers can try and reduce the casino edge in slots through tactical play. Here are a few tips: 

  •         Avoid low RTP games: It may sound simple, but the easiest way to ensure you are making the most of casino edge in slots is to pick games with high RTP ratings. In most cases it is a no brainer!

·         Practise in demo mode: A lot of true slot pros will play demo slots for hours at a time simply in order to get some practise in, especially when it comes to bonus rounds. This is where the most money is to be made, you see, so a bit of practise can go a long way in reducing that casino edge.

By Pablo Mendoza

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