This is one of the most distant hockey fields in the world! And the scenario is mesmerizing…

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This hockey field is located at 1.080 meters above the sea level and it’s call the Ciudad Deportiva en Anguinan, Chilecito, La rioja. This place is at the northern part of Argentina and it’s surrounded by mountains. This field is very isolated but the peace and quite, combined with the beautiful scenario, makes it a dream pitch!


Hockey in Argentina has grown so much in the past 20 years, this field is witness of that growth: you can say that there is hockey absolutely everywhere in Argentina! We would like to thank our friend Paula Salazar for the pictures!

IMG-20170521-WA0003 - copia

IMG-20170521-WA0008 - copia

IMG-20170521-WA0009 - copia

IMG-20170521-WA0010 - copia

IMG-20170521-WA0011 - copia

IMG-20170521-WA0012 - copia

IMG-20170521-WA0014 - copia

IMG-20170521-WA0015 - copia

IMG-20170521-WA0016 - copia






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