Improve your high ball receiveing skills with this short video with an Olympic Hockey Medallist!

In this skill video World Cup 2014 silver medallist Floris van der Linden show us how to receive a high ball. It is different from the overhead receive, showed in a different video (click here to view that one), in that the ball is trapped around shoulder height instead of above the head.


Here are the most important points:
1. Quickly gauge the distance of the high ball & move to the best position.
2. Hold stick level with both hands & direct ball to the ground.
3. Keep your eyes on the ball.
4. Option 1: Open up your body & guide the ball into your forehand space.
5. Option 2: Close your body & guide the ball into your backhand space.


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By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the owner of A Hockey World. Contact: