FIH Hockey Academy Coaching Course: What happens when you attend to one of these courses?

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During the 2017 Pan American Cup at Spooky Nook in Pennsylavania, the FIH Hockey Academy (at the end of this article you will find all links) organised different courses together with the Pan American Hockey Federation and U.S.A. Field HockeyThere were a Trainers’ Course which aims to educate people who can teach others, an Educators’ Course which is similar to that but one step before, a Technical Officials’ Course, an Umpires’ Course (with almost 75 participants) and of course, a Coaching Course Level II.


We asked 3 coaches to give use their impression about why is important to take part of the FIH Hockey Academy events accross the globe:

Ryan Langford, from the University of Michigan, stated that knowledge is shared and broken down to its most basic elements. The attendees become the coach instructors by collaborating on practice and game analysis.

“The FIH Hockey Academy Coaching Course brings together a number of participants from a wide variety of backgrounds and allows them to learn both from each other and from high quality coach educators. This allows a number of coaches to get an idea of the joined up thinking necessary to improve hockey worldwide”. This was said by Mark Egner, from William and Mary.

Jennifer Stone, from Lafayette College said: “The FIH Coaching Academy course challenged me as a coach. Is especially made me think about my delivery of imformation. What am I trying to get out of my players, but how to do I help them get there. Efficiency and specifics are important, and the course provided me with highened awareness of those areas.”

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Why the FIH Hockey Academy Courses should matter to coaches?

“This coaching course matters, because it removes preconceptions and increases knowledge. The course reinforces old iteas and broadens your coaching base with new ideas.” (Ryan Langford, University of Michigan).

“Coaches have a responsibility to their athletes to stay relevant and keep up to date with where hockey is going. Having a chance to learn from other coaches and to discuss peer to peer allows coaches to grow.” (Mark Egner, William and Mary).

“Any time that you can improve as a coach is a valuable one. Creating better coaches, makes better teams and better players.” (Jennifer Stone, Lafayette College).

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Finally we asked the three of them on how does this course can help to make a positive impact in hockey?

“This course helps make a positive impact on hockey by diffusion of information. No doubt I will be sharing information learned at this course with my local coaching community, and with all of the players that I have the pleasure of coaching.” (Ryan Langford, University of Michigan).

“Participation in this course will allow me to put a big focus on the technical details necessary to help in the development of hockey in my team, region and nation.” (Mark Egner, William and Mary).

“A large takeaway during the FIH course is about specificity. As a coach, being specific about your intent, content, and delivery. Coaching guided by principles and techniques will allow us as coaches to make a larger impact on our players and the sport in our area of the world.” (Jennifer Stone, Lafayette College).

In conclusion, if you want to be part of this hockey movement that is improving our sport in every aspect, make sure to follow the FIH Hockey Academy on social media (Facebook and Twitter). Make sure that you go to their website: and take the FIH Start Hockey & FIH Start Coaching Online Courses.

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