Peillat’s drag flick technique: How far behind does he pick the ball and how does he finishes his shot?

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(Source: Dirk Markgraf /

Let’s take a look at a slow motion clip captured by Dirk Markgraf, where we can appreciate two key elements of one of the best and most powerful drag flick techniques in the world. Gonzalo Peillat is well known for his power and precision, let’s try to watch how he does it.

In the first picture we can see how far behind his back he collects the ball and how far back his arms go. This is the start of the build up of his power as the leverage becomes longer allowing him the space to add acceleration to the drag flick.

The final part clearly shows how Gonzalo makes a full upper-body rotation and how much his arms turn. Additionally his weight is still transitioning forward, adding all the available power to the shot.

Let’s just watch the full video on how he does it:

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