Inverview with David Harte: “Winning the Hoofdklasse after 7 seasons in an unbelievable feeling!”

2015 & 2016 FIH Goalkeeper of the year, and current Hoofdklasse Champion with Kampong SV, shares with us how his team won the Dutch League.
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1. First congratulations for earning another star to your resume, how does it feel to becoming Hoofdklaasse champions?
“It is an unbelievable feeling. Having been playing in the Hoofdklasse for 7 seasons now and having come close on a couple of occasions to finally make the breakthrough is truly very special.”


2. Thanks to you and your teammates, Ireland has gathered a lot of international attention as well as respect from the opponents. What were the main points that made Ireland reach so high?
“Team work, hard work, dedication and very importantly mental resilience! We as a nation and a team face a lot of struggles off the pitch in fighting to reach higher and higher in the world ranking list. It is really rewarding to see what we can do being 9th in the world, the only part-time team in the top 10 with full time workers and players having to contribute towards the program!”


3. What does it take to become a 2-time goalkeeper of the year?
“It came on the back of many years of hard work and a huge internal drive that keeps pushing me everyday. As well as the typical clichés of dedication and relentless effort etc, enjoyment is also a massive factor in my goalkeeping. I love what I do and I do what I love – simple!”

4. Any advice for young goalkeepers that want to reach your level?
“Set goals, push yourself beyond those limits set by others and if you want something badly enough, never be afraid to go after it!”

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