The Hockey India League might be finished! No more HIL from 2018 onwards?

There is a rumor going around that we will not see the Hockey India League in 2018. This is bad for our sport because the popularity of the league coincides with India’s rise in global hockey as Indian youngsters got to share the stage with top international stars like Jamie Dwyer and Moritz Fuerste.
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However the fall in sponsorship revenues has put an extra burden on the six franchises taking part in the tournament. The blog Not The Footy Show stated that there will be no Hockey India League in 2018, because apparently that last week Hockey India sent notice to the International Hockey Federation (FIH) to advise that there would be no league competition in 2018.”

Hockey India wants to continue with the competition but financial and legal issues faced by certain sponsors such as Jaypee Cement  (owner of the Jaypee Punjab Warriors), and the possibility that Sahara only will sponsor one franchise rather than two might be a major blow to hockey.”

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