Drag flick injuries: A study by the Curtin University of Australia explains the risks of this technique!

Dr Ng from the Curtin University, came up with a research about the potential injuries that drag flickers might suffer. Dr Ng says taht as a qualified physiotherapist, he has treated a few drag flickers and when they demonstrated the movement. He said to himself: “Well that’s a lot of power going through the legs and back, a lot of twisting and it might lead to injuries.”
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“So what I did was to do a survey on about 400 to 500 hockey players and I compared the difference in injury rates between those that are drag flickers and those that are not. We found that drag flickers are more likely to have injuries in the hip and the back as compared to the non-drag flickers.”


“We also asked a few drag flickers to go to our motion analysis laboratory. What we did was ask some of them, to put some markers on their body and to do a drag flick motion in the laboratory. We wanted to look at the forces and the movement that’s going on in their legs, and also their back to see if we can find out potentially what might cause the injuries in drag flickers. My main aim is, maybe we can actually reduce some of the injuries. ”

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