Bownet Tutorial: How to do and coach the sweep to detail?

The sweep is skill that is used in field hockey to either make long distance passing or shooting at goal. At top level, you will see that more and more often, the sweep has been replacing the hit as a passing technique therefore, if you want to raise your level to high standards, you need to learn this skill.
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1. Both hands must go together on top of the grip with no space in between.

2. The point of impact is on the flat side of the stick.

3. The swing starts with the stick on the ground while we make a body rotation towards the ball.

4. Both hands must go parallel to the ground and under the left knee while we sweep the ball.

5. After we impact the ball, we need to continue the rotation in order to add extra power.

6. In order to make a lifted sweep, which is perfect as a scoring skill, we need to turn the face of the stick just a little bit.

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