5 Things that every team manager should do to help the team become a champion

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Vincent Moreau, Manager of CHC with the French Indoor Trophy

Vincent Moreau, team manager of the Cambrai Hockey Club, recent French Indoor Champions, provides us with these are 5 essential things that every team manager should do in order to help with the organisation and the logistic of the group:


1. To anticipate: Previewing the different scenarios in terms of what the team will require to function as well oiled machine.


2. To organise: “The team needs to be focused on playing and performing on the field and is the team’s manager the one that has to have every detail well organised, from meals to game forms.


3. To listen to players and staff: “Every action that the team manager does is in order to help the team perform better so us, as managers, we need to listen and to know what are the needs that each player and coaching staff might have. These needs can vary from personal life needs up to game equipment… we must always listen to them.”


4. League structure: “The manager needs to be on top of his game so he needs to know if the local league or the tournament organisation have implemented a new rule, a special requirement, etc…. It is also very important to expand the contact network to other clubs and board members instead of being isolated.”


5. Rulebook: “Ok, a team manager does not participate as a player however, we must know the rulebook up-to-date almost better than the players. We need to be aware of changes in rules and be able to communicate that to the coaching staff”.


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