World Cup Field hockey trophies: Do you know what they look like?

By Pablo Mendoza

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World Cups Field hockey trophies: Do you know what they look like?

We would like to show you how the hockey world cup trophies look like. These trophies are the most historical cups in hockey. They are awarded every 4 years to the team that conquers the FIH Hockey World Cup. Find out what they look like and a little bit of their history…

1) Field hockey trophies: The Men’s Hockey World Cup

Field hockey trophies

The Men’s Hockey World Cup was organised in 1971 for the first time and it is held every four years. The most recent world champion is Australia who defeated the Netherlands in the final game. Pakistan is the country who won this trophy more than anyone else, 4 times to be precise (1971, 1978, 1982 and 1994). The Netherlands and Australia were champions in 3 opportunities each while Germany (2 times) and India (1 time) are the the remaining historical champions.

Field hockey trophies
Australia, the 2014 champions.

2) Field hockey trophies: The Women’s Hockey World Cup

field hockey trophies
The 2014 World Cup Trophy in the hands of Lammers, Hoog and Paumen.

The Women’s Hockey World Cup, similar to the men’s competition, it is organised every 4 years and it has been played since 1974. There has been  13 Women’s World Cups held so far, with only four countries wining the trophy. In 2014, the Netherlands won the world cup for the 7th time. Argentina, Germany and Australia are the 3 remaining nations that held the trophy (2 times each).

Luciana Aymar lifting the World Cup Trophy in 2010.


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