Field Hockey

More than 8 thousand sportsmen and sportswomen play field hockey in British Columbia, the liveliest region in Canada.

Field hockey is a prevalent sport that is performed in more than a hundred countries over the world. It is notably performed in commands by both men and women. Both male and female national commands, as well as their coaches, are found in British Columbia, in addition, their training base is situated in Vancouver.

About Game

Every single player has a wand with a round head to score the ball to the goal of the rival team which is the main aim of each team. Wands have nearly from twenty-eight to thirty-nine inches longitude and 340-790 g weight. Players attire defensive equipment such as shin guards, pads, helmets. On the contrary to this, casino gamblers don’t need any attire, only desire to bet BetChan.

Unlike soccer, where team members’ feet are applied to beat the ball, players apply their wands instead in field hockey which makes field hockey a spectacular and fast-paced type of sport. There are eleven team members on the pitch who obey the same rules, and only 1 of them, the goalkeeper, is enabled to apply their hands and feet as well as their wand.

The Game History

The game originated in the early stages of the civilizations of the world, while the contemporary game of field hockey evolved in the British Islands. Its onset was in England in the middle period of the 19th century. 

A huge deal of the game notions and rules changed within the first years when the game tended to spread over the British Empire.

After this, the formidable nations of field hockey originated in Australia, Pakistan, India, and aside from this, the game advanced within more than a hundred countries. As an outcome, after soccer, field hockey became the 2nd biggest team sport in the world.

Field hockey has become the Olympic sport of men from 1908 onward when the Olympic Games took place in London. Women took part in this game for the first time in 1980 in Moscow during the Olympic Games.

An ordinary hockey club comprises nearly 3 to 6 adult teams, though several of them consist of the sole team. Numerous clubs have junior youth parts to give chances to the different ages and those who have various ability levels. There are the senior and junior leagues’ forms that are split into divisions reflecting each tier of play.

By Pablo Mendoza

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