Favourite Players: Viktor Lockwood (FRA)

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Viktor Lockwood was born in France and is currently one of the main players of the French National Team as well as a star at the Belgian club, Waterloo Ducks. The last club he played in France prior to his departure to Belgium was Lille Metropole HC, where he became outdoor French champion in 2012 and triple indoor champion (2010, 2011, 2012).

Representing the French National Team, he achieved a 2nd place in the U21 World Cup held in New Delhi in 2013.


Viktor explains the difference between French and Belgian hockey: “From a personal point of view, the transition from French hockey to Belgium was a bit difficult due to my surgery in September and that made that my last outdoor competition was the U21 World Cup in December 2013. Otherwise, the hockey level is higher than in France due in part to the grow and expansion of Belgian hockey. There are more competitive and closed matches of a very high level while in France we might have top 4 clubs that are ahead of the rest. Luckily, I am back in action during this part of the season since February.”

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