5 Quirky Facts about Hockey

Hockey is among the popular sports that many people follow. Its popularity has risen, making hockey a game that may also be found in the roster of casino operators’ online casino games. Online casino websites like http://bkk-onlineslots.com are one site that offers online hockey, allowing players to bet on the sport. Before anything else, let us discuss a little about hockey. What is hockey? It is a sport that involves two teams playing against each other. In this game, the players maneuver a puck or a ball into their opponent’s goal to score a point with the use of a hockey stick.

Players use skates in hockey, therefore making it a fast game. What makes hockey an exciting game is that they run and bump into each other forcibly, snatching the puck or ball from other players and directing it towards the goal. There are different types of hockey. Aside from the popular type called ice hockey, other types are field hockey, rink hockey, and brandy. But do you know that there are quirky or unusual facts about hockey that most of us do not know about? These bizarre facts are what we will be discussing in this article.

Fans as goalies

You read that right! Yes, fans can play in a hockey game. How? Well, a hockey team has two goalies. If and when the team’s two goalies become injured, anybody can play the position. This is where the fans come in. When this situation comes up, even the fans can play the role of the goalie. Now isn’t that weird? Imagine what happens to the goalies if the fan who takes their place can defend the goal better than them!

Scoring five goals in five different ways

On December 31, 1988, something happened which is considered to be one of the unique hockey records. What happened? A player scored five goals in five different ways in just one game! Imagine that! Players have to work hard and fight for the possession of the puck or ball just to score a goal. But Pittsburgh’s Mario Lemieux scored five goals done in five different ways: a goal on the power play, a penalty shot, shorthanded, another at even strength, and a goal in an empty net, and take note, there was only just one second left in the game! Mario Lemieux is the sole player in the NHL ever to do this feat to date.

Poop as puck

If you think five goals in five ways is quirky, check this out! In the old days, cow poop was used as a puck. According to legend, hockey was already played in the old days. However, the puck of today does not exist yet during those times. What did they use as a puck? They used a frozen patty of cow poop as their puck. Now, if this is not weird, what is?

Detroit’s Lucky charm

Have you ever heard of “octopus throwing”? It’s a tradition in Detroit which started during the playoff games in 1952. The tradition began when Jerry and Pete Cusimano, two American brothers who sold fish for a living, brought an octopus and tossed it onto the Detroit arena’s ice. Eight wins are needed to win the Stanley Cup during those days. Because of the octopus with its eight tentacles, the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup. Since then, “octopus throwing” has been a tradition in Detroit, believing that the octopus is Detroit’s good luck charm.

Penguin for a mascot

Animals invading hockey games? Well, not really. After Detroit’s “octopus throwing,” here comes another animal gracing hockey games. Meet Slapshot Pete, Pittsburgh’s mascot. Yes, Slapshot Pete is a real, live penguin who was once Pittsburgh’s live mascot. Mascot’s perk up a game. They boost the players’ spirits and bring out the “beasts” in them so they will be effective in the game. They motivate players and create a light mood for the game so that players will not be stressed and tight. Mascots also entertain and amuse the audience to ease the tension brought by the game to both the players and the spectators.

To Wrap Up

Who would ever imagine that there are some quirky facts in hockey? There are more, but the ones mentioned above are the most peculiar. In other words, there is more to hockey than the usual facts that we know about the game. No wonder a lot of people are becoming intrigued by the game and are encouraged to try playing not only physically (meaning an actual hockey game) but online, too.

With the innovation that modern technology brings today, more people can now enjoy playing hockey and other sports online through online casino gaming websites. These sites do not only give players the chance to play their favorite sports online but also allow players to bet on different games. Learning about amusing facts about your favorite sports can help people understand the game and its teams and the how’s and why’s of the sport, therefore encouraging people to play more.

By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the owner of A Hockey World. Contact: pablo@ahockeyworld.net