The 2017 Gryphon Sentinel Goalkeeping Stick and it’s “S” shape!

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Gryphon Hockey‘s 2017 sticks for goalkeeper present an “S” shape. A few years ago, this type of shape was a standard amongst goalie sticks and Gryphon is using it as well.

The Gryphon Sentinel


According to Gryphon’s website, this is the description provided for this stick: “The idea was to maximise surface area whilst still providing a great balance for weight and stiffness. These sticks work. The reduction of excessive profile angles ensures your ability to make crucial saves and clearances both in the air and on the deck.


The premium quality carbon, aramide, fibreglass and epoxy combine perfectly to give you a well rounded stick that can take a hit and keep coming back for more. The Sentinel has a more tempered feel and responds well to keepers looking for a touch more flex in a stick.”

The Sentinel Pro


Composition: Carbon, Fibreglass, Kevlar
Weight (avg): 500-525 gr
Balance Point (avg): 390-410mm
LENGTH: Available in 36.5″, 37.5″, 38.5″





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