These are the 10 most unique hockey stick in the world! RAGE Custom Works allows you to play in your personal style!

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Rage Custom Works started off with an experiment to offer custom made sticks for their field hockey customers back in January 2015. Today Rage Custom Works offers something that no other brand can: the chance of allowing you get a variety of customized sports goods made to your exact requirements at the same price you would pay for a comparable branded product.

These are 10 of the most unique and beautiful hockey sticks ever created!

1. “Captain America”

2. “The UK Stick”


3. “We’re all mad here…”


4. “Wicked alligator”


4. “Reiji”

5. “Star Wars R2D2”

6. “My goal is to deny yours”

7. “Black & White Tribal”

8. “Emoji Stick”

9. “Sparkling gold”

10. “Scottish stick”

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