Do you want to improve your overhead pass? Follow these 6 tips and pass it longer and higher…

Here is a video that might help you get better at making the proper technique for the aerial pass (overhead). These are the main points to consider:

1. Start ball on left foot.
2. Drag ball to right foot.
3. Then turn body side on to the ball, gaining momentum to then drop low and drive legs and stick through the ball.
4. Keep head low and don’t initially look to see where there ball goes.
5. Follow through with body still maintaining low position.
6. Look at the hand position too. Right hand is not that low on the grip for leverage.

Final Tip: Stay relaxed when you do it. Watch the video and give it a try!

This “how to video” was shared by the Woodhouse Sports Academy, which is based in Perth. The specialise in hockey, tennis and multi sports programs.  Visit for more information.

By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the owner of A Hockey World. Contact: