Jamie Dwyer, has been nominated as a Sports Dad of the Year and you can him to win this award!

By Pablo Mendoza

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Partner’s name: Leoni
Children’s names: Julian (7), Taj (5) & Zara (1)


How often do you talk to the kids when you are on an away trip? I spend about three of four months of the year away and it’s very tough, but I speak to them just about every day. I might miss a day here or there but it’s so nice to see their faces and have a quick chat. – Jamie

How big an inspiration are the kids to your career? They are a huge inspiration. My family give me a great balance in life and being with them simply makes me happy – Jamie

Do they take an active interest in your career? The two eldest have been really interested in my hockey career the last few years. They now understand what I do and how cool it is to go to the Olympics and represent your country. The youngest one will have to listen to my stories that I tell her in a few years! – Jamie


Do you have any interesting stories about the kids talking about you to their mates or at school? My kids and their friends think it’s awesome that I’m going to my fourth Olympics. My kids friends asked their parents why they are not going to the Olympics to play for Australia as well which I thought was pretty funny! – Jamie

Have the kids taken any of your awards into school? Yes, world player of the year trophies, gold and bronze medals. Every show and tell they take something hockey related to tell their friends. – Jamie

During an Olympics do you see them given you are in the village? No I don’t as they stayed in Perth. I’ll chat to them on skype/facetime a lot though. – Jamie

Do you send them photos of your time at the Games? All the time. Sometimes I send them some photos of me with a famous sportsman and they think that is pretty exciting. They would be disappointed if I didn’t bring them home some souvenirs! – Jamie

What’s your most memorable moment with your kids? There are two. After we won the World Cup in Holland they came onto the field to give me a cuddle and my last game in Australia, they walked on the field with me. – Jamie


Where’s their favourite place they like you to take them? To the beach or to the footy to watch the Eagles. – Jamie

Favourite family holiday? Bali, we have been there a couple of times for holidays. They love jumping on the waterslide all day! – Jamie

What is his best asset as a father? Probably the fact he is hands on and is always keen to play with them when he gets home even though he is super buggered from training. He also loves coaching their hockey team and is very good at it! – Leonie

Do they recognise him on television? Yes for sure even Zara does and chats to the TV when she sees him. She gets excited saying: “daaada daadda.” – Leonie

What makes your dad so great? Because he’s a good hockey player and because he plays lots of games with us. – Julian

What is the best thing dad does for you? He buys us presents when he gets back from hockey trips. – Julian

Do you want to be like dad when you grow up? – Yes but I also want to play for the Eagles! – Julian


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