Sign the petition and help making hockey a paralympic sport!

Jody Hens, spokeswoman of the Push LG teams from the Netherlands, started this project which has the global objective of making hockey a paralympic sport. If you want to contribute, all you have to do is sign the petition below!
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Currently hockey is not a Paralympic sport despite of the fact that it is a Special Olympics and Olympic discipline. The LG hockey teams from Breda, Holland, found out about this and started this online petition asking both the National Olympic Committee, the NCF, the KNHB and the IPC (International Paralympics comité) to also add field hockey to the Paralympics. Disabled hockey players also want to participate in the games and that unique experience.

For the online petition go to 06 23 08 75 87 01 45 90 29 47

LG hockey is a form of hockey for people with wheelchairs with modified rules which is currently growing around the world. Countries such as the Netherlands, France and England, are promoting the game and growing in numbers.

More than 2000 signatures have been collected but much more are needed! This petition will be presented on March 4th, 2017.

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