PSU Field Hockey: Introducing the Penn State University

This a brief profile on the Penn State Field Hockey program, one of the most important teams of the College “league” in the United States.
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PSU Field Hockey (Penn State University), is the field hockey program of one of the most important and largest colleges in the United States of America. The PSU Nittany Lions field hockey team competes in the Big Ten Conference at the NCAA Division I and it is one of the most important teams in the league.

psu field hockey at the field hockey complex

Penn State Nittany Lions Home Ground: The Field Hockey Complex

The home ground to the PSU Field Hockey Team is the Field Hockey Complex located in State College, PA. This facility opened in 2005 and has a capacity for 750 seated spectators.

PSU Field Hockey Complex

The Nittany Lions (The “nickname” of the PSH Field Hockey Team), became national times in two opportunities (1980 and 1981). They were able to make it to the NCAA tournament in more than 30 occasions.

PSU Field Hockey Complex Penn State

PSU Field Hockey Historical Facts:

This sports program has been part of the university since 1964 and has produced 3 Olympic players that represented the United States: Chris Larson and Charlene Morett in 1980, Chris Larson, Charlene Morett and Brenda Stauffer in 1984.

psu field hockey

Penn State Field Hockey Roster and schedule

The 2017 team’s roster features players mainly from the United States of America, but there are also 2 players coming from the Netherlands. If you are interested in following the season and the results, you should check this link where you will find the schedule of the team.

A training session with the Penn State University Nittany Lions!

PSU Coach: Charlenne Morett-Curtiss

The head coach, Charlene Morett-Curtis, has been in the position of leading the PSU Field Hockey Team for more than 30 years. Charlene Morett is one of the few players that came out from Penn State and made it all the way to an Olympic Game.

Charlene Morett

By 2017, he coaching record stated 463 victories and 183 defeats as coach of the Nittany Lions. To get in touch with the head coach: Phone: 814-863-7467 | Email:

Learn more about the PSU Field Hockey Team:

If you are interested in learning more about the PSU Field Hockey Program, you can get in touch and keep up with all the news through the following channels: Penn State Field Hockey Website, Facebook, Twitter.

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