Grays Hockey: We put our hands on the latest stick and is amazing! The grip has octagonal shape!

Get ready for this one! Grays Hockey has introduced one of the most advanced hockey sticks in the market! The Grays Hockey KN12000 Probow Extreme is something very unique. It features Geocentric Core Technology at the epicentre which allows a complete redistribution of weight, creating a light and nimble pickup. This technology is designed primarily for progressive and fast-paced 3D styles of play.

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But perhaps one of the things that is the most remarkable feature of this stick, is that the grip has an octagonal shape! 3D skills will see a benefit thanks to the Probow Xtreme shape, as the flat side of the stick has been re-constructed. This new shape improves the way players will take on their drag flicks, and how they will hit the reverse shots. This stick, as many top of the line Grays sticks, presents a Tri-Tec Carbon Technology which reinforces the body and core.

Take a look at these images and see it for yourself:

Grays Hockey: Past, present and future

Grays Hockey International is based in Robertsbridge, England. This brand was founded by H. J. Gray in 1855 and is primarily known for manufacturing hockey sticks of course, but also rackets and cricket supplies.

 The company was founded in 1855 by rackets champion H. J. Gray, producing equipment for hockey, rackets and cricket. By 1940, Grays merged with L. J. Nicolls in order to Gray-Nicolls, which even today is one of the most important names in the world of cricket.

Grays Hockey is still a family owned company which is now owned and operated by its 5th generation.

Grays Hockey is a very innovative company, which by 2010 introduced the Nanotube Technology. By 2014 they came up with Graphene, which is a component that provides and amazing feel, control and strength. In most recent years, Grays Hockey as developed the Kinetic range with Geocentric Core Technology, present in this Grays Hockey KN12000 Probow Extreme stick.

By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the owner of A Hockey World. Contact: