From the pitch to the church, the hockey olympian player who became a priest

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This is the story of Carlos “Litus” Balbé, who was a member of the Spanish hockey team that played in London 2012. Recently, he became a priest after years of shuffling between his studies and sport, he finally became a priest. We would like to thank Alberto (follow him on Twitter: @Albertiken_Ruiz), from Hockey Ejercicios, for sharing this video (Don’t forget to subscribe to his Hockey Ejercicios channel by clicking HERE).

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“I think that I can bring to the church the same concepts that I used to bring into the hockey field: the will to work hard. In addition I can bring in a fresh air because there are people that are in need of help and I am willing to help. My objectives in this new career that I am about to start is to help people to be happy and to try to transfer all the good things that I learn in my previous stage of life into this one that is beginning.”

“To walk in the club gives me goosebumps because I have experienced to many emotions. I cried a lot, I laughed a lot, we fought a lot, we got upset, we even insulted during games. There are so many things and just the fact of setting my foot on the pitch makes me feel very nostalgic.”

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“I will be a little bit jealous for not being in Rio 2016 but nowadays, my place is not in the Olympics, my place to be is here right now. However I will be following the games and, if would be allowed to, I will pray for a Spanish victory. I would love to be there with the team but I feel that it is not the place that I should be right now. I am very hot blooded, and although people would not expect me to be like that, I have to say that inside the pitch I might become very impulsive. I love the values of our sports but I was a hot headed…”

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“There were times that I had to meditate before the games but I knew that if I was too quite on the field, then I would probably not play very well. The bad thing is that during a game, I could get carded for that and 98% of the cards that I received in my hockey career was for complaining to the umpire or insult, however I have gotten better with time. After a hockey game my teammates would ask me if I was going to confession on Monday… the truth is that my temper would have been calmer, I doubt that I would have gotten that far.”

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