Field Hockey Protective Gear: Prices, Reviews and Suggestions for 2021

What is the right field hockey protective gear to use? If we compare the United States high school rules, you will find that the requirements implemented at that level are different from the rest of the world. In comparison with other countries, players must wear metal goggles and masks which have raised a lot of negative opinions against them.

This protective equipment is meant to protect the eyes and part of the face of the players, however many people have said that it impairs the vision, disallowing players to have a better peripheral view and actually hurting more than protecting them.

On the other hand there are other points of similarities with the rest of the world. Mouthguards and shinguards are basic field hockey protective gear that must be used by everybody at every age level.

With all that being said, let’s try to see which are the best rated field hockey protective gear in the market.

Field Hockey Goggles and Masks:

One of the leading brands in field hockey and lacrosse in the United States is STX. This brand has produced high quality field hockey equipment for decades and it is no surprise that they offer some of the best goggles in the market. The STX Goggles 2See can be used for field hockey and lacrosse, has a silicone padding for comfort and is very easy to clean. It meets all the NFHS Field Hockey regulations and it costs around u$s 40.00 only.

field hockey protective gear goggles stx 2see

As an alternative we can take a look at the Harrow X Vision which is a mask that offers full protection and has a different look from the STX 2see. They offer great protection while maximizing visibility and it can be found for u$s 49.99.

field hockey protection harrow x vision goggle mask

The best field hockey shinguards

There are many brands that offer shin guards that are produced in different materials and fit. However in our experience the best ones are those that are rigid and are ready to fit the shape of the player’s leg.

For example let’s take a look at the STX Hinder. This model and shape is commonly seen at every international field hockey match, as it is the most popular product around top players. It presents a solid exterior and an interior padded liner for extra protection and comfort. They are very light and it fits tightly to the leg, providing a very natural sensation. You can buy them for u$s 45 on Amazon.

fieldhockey shinguards stx

The Grays Hockey G800 Shinguard are an excellent alternative. It features a lightweight shell with raised spine to reduce shin injury and has a removable line. You can find them on Amazon for u$s 30.00 to u$s 45.00.

fieldhockey shin guards grays hockey protective

Field Hockey Mouthguards

When it comes to mouthguards you can find a lot of options. In our opinion the most important feature besides protection, should be feel and comfort. There is nothing worse than watching a player taking them off to breathe or because it hurts her gumline. Therefore finding the best product is very important.

Shock Doctor Gel Max is on of the most popular mouthguards in the United States. This brand has produced some of the best protective gears not only for field hockey, but for other sports as well. It provides a comfortable feel and fit as it features Gel-Fit Liner Technology which provides extra comfort. It has a heavy-duty Exoskeletal Shock Frame which gives a full mouth protection during hardest impacts. Finally it comes in full-range of colors, so you can choose your favorite one. It can be purchased for u$s 4.00 to u$s 35 depending size and color.

shock doctor mouth guard gel

Field Hockey Penalty Corner Face Mask

The penalty corner is one of the most exciting but dangerous play in our sport. In the past decade we have seen many hockey brands introducing field hockey protective gear for the defense. The Face Mask has become a must-use article around the world, as it helps players to feel more secure under this risky situation. We found in Amazon a very good option for just u$s 65: the F HS Face Mask. It features a rigid and transparent material for full eye movement without obstructions, and a foam padding that protect the front of the face.

field hockey protection facemask united states

In conclusion: Should I invest in the right field hockey protective gear?

Yes you should! Field Hockey is a very fast-paced and exciting game but it could be dangerous too. Finding and using the best field hockey protective gear is as important as finding the right stick. Make sure that the next time you jump into the pitch you are wearing the right equipment to avoid risks and injuries.

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By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the owner of A Hockey World. Contact: