This is the drill that you need if you want to improve your receiving skills! Take a look at what Gabi Nance is doing…

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Gabi Nance, member of the Australian Hockeyroos Team, shared this technical drill focused on improving the hockey receiving technique in a dynamic way. In this video you will her coach feeding her two balls, one at a time, to each side of her.


Gabi Nance has to move to receive on her forehand as well on her reverse, while she is constantly moving from side to side. This might look like a very simple drill, but the key point here is to have the player focused on the way she receives. After receiving she must return the ball to the coach.



Therefore, putting a lot of repetitions on one skill, will help the player to constatly repeat and repeat that single technical skill. As a player, the more times you put into repeiting one single technique, the best your “body memory” will become making the skill a natural thing that presents no challenge.

Let’s take a look at Gabi Nance’s training video…

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#BeVoodoo Gabi Nance

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