Drill for Running + Dribbling + Passing

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Alberto Ruiz Castillo, coach of the Spanish club Real Club de Polo (follow him on Twitter: @Albertiken_Ruiz), shared this drill.

It consist on running and passing in different direction. We will need a 5×5 meters square with 4 lines on each side. On line there should be at least two players. 2 balls should be played while running the drill starting from opposite directions.

You can use different variations such as:
1) Dribbling and pass to the left.
2) Dribbling and front pass.
3) Dribbling and pass to the right.

The main technical aspects of this drill are:
1) Non-stationary receiving.
2) Dribbling with the ball in front of the right foot.
3) Ball always in contact with the stick while doing visual scanning.

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