These are the core values required to be part of the Argentina Women’s Hockey Team, do they resonate with the ones in your team?

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The Argentina Women’s Hockey Team and their core values: Some of the most relevant hockey players in Argentina explain what are the values that a hockey player must have to be part of this team. Delfina Merino, Noel Barrionuevo, Charo Luchetti, are some of the players who say that “Attitude and passion are things that cannot be negotiated during a match. The strong and positive attitude that a player must have when wearing this shirt is something that becomes a must-do. ”

las leonas

“Representing Argentina provides a feeling of pride and it’s a privilege and an honour.”

las leonas

“In hockey you learn a lot of things but what I always signal that the main thing is the group of people that come together towards one objective. The comradeship, the human value, the sisterhood, that is the essence of hockey.”

Source: Mundo TKM

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