Argentina will go to Rio 2016 with only one goalkeeper amongst the 16 players!

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Hopefully for Argentina, starting goalkeeper Vivaldi will be healthy throughout the entire Olympic tournament, as he is the only goalkeeper between the 16 players of the Olympic squad. So far so good, but if he gets injured inside the field, then things will get complicated for Argentina. Vivaldi had perfect attendance at every game for the past couple of years, so this probably gives the coaching staff of Argentina the certainty that Rio 2016 will be the same… This seems to be either a very courageous move or a very risky one, what would you do if you were the coach?

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This is the full squad: 
1-Juan Manuel Vivaldi
2-Juan Ignacio Gilardi
3-Gonzalo Peillat
4-Pedro Ibarra
5-Lucas Rey
6-Lucas Rossi
7-Matías Rey
8-Juan Martín López
9-Ignacio Ortiz
10-Lucas Vila
11-Agustín Mazzilli
12-Facundo Callioni
13-Matías Paredes
14-Manuel Brunet
15-Juan Saladino
16-Joaquín Menini

By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the owner of A Hockey World. Contact: