Six Must Traits For a Hockey Player

Being a sportsman is something special. People are sitting in the audience waiting for you to perform exceptionally. There will be kids out there dreaming of playing it like you. You need to show the whole class what is associated with hockey through your attitude. 

Here are six must traits a hockey player must have and show during each match.


  • Hunger for success


There is a famous saying out there. Losers focus on winners, while winners only focus on winning. This attitude determines whether you will rise to the height of eternal fame as a hockey player, or you will keep on playing hockey on clubs level.

You need to focus on the goal during every single match. Forget about all the distractions when you are in the field. 

During those 70 minutes in the field, your attitude should show that you are in there for the win. And you won’t go back without it that easily.


  • Ambitiousness


We all make mistakes. We all lose some battles one day or the other. It doesn’t mean that the world has ended at that moment. As a hockey player, you must have a similar mindset. 

Young boys and girls are looking up to you for inspiration and motivation. No worries if you haven’t won today. Get back to your room think about the areas you need to focus on more. You need to have a sharp focus if you want to stay ambitious for hockey. Some online casino games at Casino Chan can help you get into the mindset of winners. 

Play the casino game throughout the night. Get on the field back the next day, listen to the coach’s tips, and practice. Practice until you are ready once again to try and win.


  • Persistence 


It will never end as long as you won’t give up on yourself. As a player, quit thinking about what happens if you fail or don’t win today. 

There is no way your team will be able to maintain a streak of continuous wins throughout its existence. There will be tournaments where you will fail to perform exceptionally. But that isn’t the end of the world.

Get back, practice again, and go outback. Remember how much you have sacrificed to get where you’re. 

Everything you do to help yourself makes you stronger, and if you give up on yourself, then shame on you.



  • Confidence in the training


As a sportsman or a sportswoman, training is the only thing that can guarantee you possible success. If your team isn’t training as hard as the opponent team, there is no way you will win against them. Plus, sports-like hockey requires intensive practise till the day of the match.

While practising, you must focus on the instructions of your coach. The coach is an entity that will prepare you for the upcoming matches of your career. If you have an attitude problem with the coach, you can already say goodbye to your hockey career.


  • Passion for the game


Hockey is a team sport. No single player can win the game for the entire team. Similarly, no single player can lose the whole game for the team alone. 

There are many important lessons you can learn through hockey. But you must be willing to remember all of them in the first place.

Whenever going out there, keep in mind the reason why you have chosen this game. Remember all the hard practice days you have spent mastering this game. Respect it, and you will be respected by the game and its enthusiasts from around the globe.


  • Optimism that can turn the tide of any game


Hockey isn’t a sport for the ones who are utterly pessimistic. It is good to be a realist on some occasions, but you need to believe that things will change at the end of the day. Remember, that there are 70 minutes in the game, in case you are not performing well in the 65 minutes time duration. 

You need to believe that in the next 5 minutes, the team will get together and coordinate, finally winning this match. Never let the fighting spirit go as long as the final buzzer doesn’t ring. That’s what a real hockey player will do.

Final Note

We hope now that you have some idea regarding the traits a must-have in a hockey player. Just focus on developing these characterstics and never give up.


By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the owner of A Hockey World. Contact: