Field hockey goalie drills for every training session!

1) The “knee down” block:

This drill Ponte Las Guardas will help goalies to use the full extent of their leg by bringing down the knee and using the legguard as a wall. This is a very interesting technique that is not the most convetional one, but effective indeed. casino online uk


2) Vertical high shots defense

Annie Zinkavich brought this drill where we will be able to practice our defense againt frontal high shots, which some times are very hard to block.


3) Field hockey goalie drills: Deflection ramps around the goalie!

Our Japanese friends and partners of the Hiroshima Buena Vista Hockey Club always bring fun and creativity to the table. In the past they have mainly focused on creative drills for field players, however it seems that they are now putting an attention to the goalkeepers. They came out with this drill where they placed several deflection ramps around the goalie which forces him to react with almost now time. The end result is so much fun!


4) Field hockey goalie drills: Keeping two balloons in the air!

ARQ28 is another source of creative drills for goalies. This goalie school is from Argentina and is directed by Ignacio Ledesma, goalkeeping coach of the Argentinean men’s team, 2016 Olympic Champions. In this drill we can see a young goalkeeper who has to keep the balloons in the air. This is good to develop the body balance and the eye-hand coordination. Like ARQ28 on Facebook for more!

5) Field goalie hockey drills: Using the SKLZ Reaction Balls!



We have a lot more drills for goalkeepers and a whole series of drills that feature the SKLZ reaction balls. Make sure to give these drills a try and if you come up with new idea, send us the link via our social media channels or to our email (, we will share it with the world!

By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the owner of A Hockey World. Contact: