Easy Tips on Choosing a Stick to Play Field Hockey

Some believe that field hockey is boring because it’s not as spectacular as ice one. However, thousands of people have no doubt that this sport is as entertaining as playing at Hellspin Casino. So, some of them start playing it. But as in any other sport, you should buy your equipment first, and a hockey stick is the most essential. Here’s how to select it.

What Materials Are Used
A little bit of wood is left, but otherwise manufacturers use carbon, plastic, fiberglass, various fillers, additives – the main thing is to make them metal-free. Strength, bending, weight depend on the ratio of materials. In the past, hockey sticks were made entirely of wood.

The particular type of wood needed is mulberry, treated in a special way, not just cut out a piece and painted. It’s steamed first, pressed – it’s a whole process.

How Much It Weighs
One hockey stick weighs from 350 to 760 grams. The heaviest ones are 800 grams. Of course, 25 to 30 years ago, they were heavier. For example, a stick could weigh more than 900 grams. The logic was simple: the heavier the stick, the harder the shot, but it is not easy to run with such a stick.

Now the development went so far that the shot depends on the strength of your arms. Before it depended on the strength of your arms and the weight of the stick.

How to Adjust a Stick to a Certain Height?
All in all, it depends on how a player feels, which stick he feels comfortable with. People of the same height can play with different size clubs. Length of hockey sticks varies. Generally they are from 35 to 38 inches in half-inch increments. Anything can be made to order, there’s no limit.

What Can a Stick Break From?

It is not hard to break a cheap, teenage hockey stick – a professional can break it after a shot, after a hard collision. Breaking an expensive stick in a game is unlikely, you have to destroy it on purpose. Even experts can’t remember a professional stick breaking in a game.

There is also a factor of wear and tear, the normal stick life is a year or two. Why can it go bad? It is largely due to the artificial pitch – there is friction, the stick gets “scraped”. But the handle can be kept in good condition. A player can keep a couple of sticks during the season, one will play all the time, and the other one is kept just in case.

By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the owner of A Hockey World. Contact: pablo@ahockeyworld.net