Basics to Know About Hockey

Hockey in winter and hockey in summer are terms applied to describe diverse kinds of team sports that arose on open-air fields or in a gymnasium.

There is hockey of diverse kinds. Several of these are made up of skates, as well as balls and sticks. 

In most cases, a player tries to move an object, such as a disk or a ball, into the opposing team’s goal by applying a hockey stick. Fans are always arguing which team is better and bet on them similar to betting on Woo Casino.

There is a type of hockey based on a floor hockey style which evolved in Canada amid the duration of the Great Depression. Another variant is a modified version that was created during the onset 1970s for switching on in a new Special Olympics competition.

Although it is similar to floor hockey, the game of the gym ringette is not a genuine replica of the sport due to its design and appearance throughout the 1990s. Instead, it was developed based on the rules and ice skating style that was introduced in Canada.

Although hockey is commonly named as a field sport in many countries, it is also used to be called ice hockey in Russia, Canada, and the US.

The term hockey was first used to mention the field hockey summertime sport. This is because the hockey concept originated from the different ball and stick that was already being played during this period.

The terms field hockey and hockey are commonly applied in diverse countries taking into consideration the different sports characteristics. For instance, in Europe, hockey is more commonly used to belong to field hockey, whereas in Canada, it belongs to ice hockey.  The game Bandy was initially named hockey on the ice, but its name was changed to get away from the mess.

Early hockey-like games facts were found in the legal system during the Middle Ages. In Ireland, for instance, a law was passed in 1527 that prohibited several kinds of ball games.

In ancient times, games involving curved objects, such as balls and sticks, were generally played in various cultures. For instance, in Egypt, carvings from around 4000 years ago show commands with sticks and a ball.

Modern history eventually recognized the different separations and styles of historic games as they evolved into their sports. These divisions and styles were then organized through national and international contests.

By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the owner of A Hockey World. Contact: