Field Hockey legends: 3 scorers who changed women’s hockey

By Pablo Mendoza

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These 3 legendary field hockey players, all of which were top scorers in their teams, left a mark in the history of our sport.

Characterised by being players who lead their teams to several victories thanks to their goal-scoring instinct and deadly circle play, they have left a mark in the history of our sport.

1. Alyson Annan – Australia

Alyson Annan was born in 1973 in New South Wales, Australia, and is one of the best players Hockeyroos in history. She participated in more than 200 international games scoring over 160 goals.  

In the year 1999, she was selected the Player of the Year and, just one year later, she lead her team to the gold medal in the Olympic Games of Sydney 2000.

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After retirement in 2003, she developed her coaching career where she became the coach of HC Klein Switzerland in the Netherlands.

One year later she became the assistant coach of Holland under the lead of the head coach Marc Lammers. Together, they won the silver medal at Athens 2004.


2. Vanina Oneto – Argentina

Vanina Oneto was born in 1973 in Argentina and she is one of the historical top-scorers of her country. With her goals, Argentina won the silver medal at the Olympic Games of 2000 and the bronze medal in 2004.

She won the U21 World Cup in 1993 in Spain, a silver medal at the 1994 World Cup and the gold medal in 2002 World Cup.

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She debuted at a very young age in the senior team of Argentina and had a international field hockey career of more than 10 years.

She played more than 200 international games and made her debut in 1991 with only 18 years old at the Pan American games of La Habana.


3. Natasha Keller – Germany

Natascha Keller was born in 1977 in Germany. She was one of the best hockey strikers in history playing more than 400 games winning a gold medal at the 2004 Olympics Games. She also participated in the Olympics Games of 1996, 2000, 2008 and 2012, in total 5 games.

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She comes from a historical hockey family: her father, Carsten Keller, was also an Olympic player. She is also the sister of Andreas Keller and Florian Keller, two historical players of the German national team. 

Her 400 international games had made Natasha Keller the female player with most caps in the history of field hockey. At the 2012 Olympic Games, she was honoured with the responsibility of bearing the flag of Germany at the opening ceremony.

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