Who invented field hockey? Where was this sport created?

Where was field hockey invented? Learn here who invented field hockey, when and where. Hockey is one of the oldest sports in history, therefore we will give you all the relevant information about how it was created.

There are many ancient games that feature the use of a ball and the stick shaped element but for many people, field hockey was originated in Egypt. Certain Egyptian tombs depict pictures of games similar to hockey which date from 4000 years ago.

Where was field hockey invented? Tomb of Prince Kheti 2000 B.C. at Neni-Haman El Mini, Egypt:

Although England is mainly responsible for spreading modern hockey across the world by bringing the sport to the colonies, hockey was a popular sport in Pakistan and India as it was played at least 100 years before it was played in English soil.

There are many games that feature a stick and ball such as hurling (Ireland) and shinty (Scotland), which are thought to be played since 1272 B.C. Beikou is another sport very similar to hockey that is played in Mongolia and has been played for at least 1000 years. In South America, most specifically in Chile, the local natives of the 16th century used to play a game called chueca, which also has a lot of common elements with hockey.
“Where was field hockey invented?” A picture depicting the Chilean natives playing “chueca”:

Modern hockey was originated in England as it was played and developed in the English public school system early in the 19th century. By the year 1875 there was an attempt to consolidate hockey as a formal sport and it’s first association was established. By 1886 the first “real” hockey association was created in London. The Blackheath & Old Elthamians Hockey Club is believe to be the oldest club in the world as it was established in 1861.

“Where was field hockey invented?” One of the early pictures of the Blackheat Team (Source: Hockeygods).

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