Full training session (4 drills): Open receiving with forehand and backhand

Players: 6-14 / Keepers: 1 / Pitch: 1/2 / Cones: 3-5 / Balls: +20

Exercise 1: Passing and taking over

 Purpose: Warming up exercise finishing off with a shot at goal, footwork training.

1) ​Place a beacon right of the goal a few meters behind the 23m line.
2) Diagonally left place a beacon on the 23m line and then diagonally right place a beacon on the edge of the circle.
3) Place a player at the two beacons nearest the goal and the other players and the balls at the furthest beacon.

1) Player A makes a push pass to player B.
2) Player B passes to player C, player A has moved quickly to take the place of player B and B has taken the place of player C.
3) Player C drives to the circle and has a shot.


1) Move the beacons to the other side of the field so the first pass is to the right.
2) If there are too many players add more beacons towards the halfway line.

1) Ensure when making the push pass you pass to the front sticks of the player.
2) Show with your stick where you want the ball.
3) Once you have made your pass, quickly move to the next beacon and receive the pass, concentrate on your balance.