Goalkeeping training session: 2 full drills courtesy of The Hockey Factory

By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the owner of A Hockey World. Contact: pablo@ahockeyworld.net

Players: Keepers: 2 / Pitch: 1/4 / Cones: 6 / Balls: >75

Exercise 1: Just in time

 Purpose: To improve acceleration, agility and ‘ultimate save’.

Organisation: 2 goalkeepers – 6 cones – > 75 balls

1) Trainer stand behind goalkeeper K1 (K1 normal position in front of goal).
2) Trainer rolls the ball diagonal left of goalkeeper K1, away from the goal.
3) K1 has to play the ball to the left sideline a.s.a.p. (before the imaginary line of the penalty flick spot).
4) K1 turn back to the goal as quick as possible.
5) Trainer rolls the ball towards the goalie (goalkeeper must be able to just save the ball!!).
6) K1 sweeps the ball with the stick with an ‘ultimate save’ action towards the right sideline or over the baseline.



1) 2. ball rolls not so fast; 3. K1 kicks the ball towards the sideline.
2) 7. K1 stands up and comes in the right position in front of the goal again; 8. Trainer trows a bouncing ball to the right side of K1; 9. K1 blocks the ball with the right leggard over the baseline.

1) ​Aggressive, explosive acceleration on the first metres.
2) After ball contact (3) make yourself small to be able to change direction immediately.
3) Show everyone that you really want to save the ball (6).



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