Drill 1: Using Sklz Reaction balls to improve goalkeeper’s eye-hand coordination & reaction

As part of the training and development of the goalkeepers, we started using the Sklz Ball . These balls are made of hard rubber and have different round edges that make them unpredictable when it comes to rebounds.

By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the owner of A Hockey World. Contact: pablo@ahockeyworld.net

In this video you will find Peruvian goalkeeper, Chiara Conetta, working with the Sklz Ball on a drill where she drops the ball dead and has to catch as fast as possible after the bounce on the floor. She starts with two hands, then she does it with one and so on…

“Currently I am assisting the national teams of Peru on their road to the World League 1 in Chiclayo, Peru. I came to this country as part of the FIH Targeted Assistance Programme (TAP). This event will take place at the end of September.” – Pablo Mendoza (A Hockey World Founder).

The goal behind this, is to find different drills that will make the goalkeeper react and adapt to different situations. These balls can also be used with field players as it will improve their body balance, footwork, reaction speed and eye-hand coordination.