Calum Giles was trying to share a hockey tutorial until his son decided that was enough! One of the cutest and funniest videos ever!

Calum Giles is one of the most important British players in history. Not long ago, he decided to to this training video for Barrington Sports and Ritual Hockey until his son decided to finish it shortly in the cutest way possible!

Calum Giles is the director of Stickwise Hockey Camps and is still one of the best drag flickers in history and the story tells two rules were invented because of him, to prevent him coming onto the pitch only to take penalty corners. In this video, Calum is trying to explain how to improve your Indian Dribbling by using two toy cars that clearly didn’t belong to him! Don’t forget to follow Calum Giles on Twitter (@calumgiles).

By Pablo Mendoza

Pablo Mendoza is an FIH Hockey Academy Educator and the CEO of A Hockey World. Contact:

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