How to do the “blind pressure”? Free tactical lesson by Coaching Hockey!

Javier Telechea (Coaching Hockey) explain what means to do the “blind pressure” for his team with this example. “We call blind that pressure to the one that forces the opponent to lose the ball on the side of the field where he cannot see. If the ball has the left back with all the attention to that area, most likely, the player with the ball will not see what’s happening on the right side of the field (the opposite side), therefore we call this the opponent’s blind side.”

The player with the ball can see on his left side but is unaware of what’s happening on the right side.

To execute this type of pressure effectively, one of the fundamental aspects will be the timing. If the player that will recover the ball leaves very early, the opponent will see him and will not go to the “blind spot”. If it leaves very late, the opponent will have the chance to play 2v1 against him.